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[Press Release] cellpod's microcurrent mask pack MC±WELL, chosen by Park Jeong-ah on 'Beauty and Beauty Season 5' as an anti-aging item

Park Jeong-ah introduced cellpod's MC±WELL mask pack on 'Beauty and Beauty Season 5' for anti-aging, a beauty show on Dong-A TV.

On the 7th, Park Jeong-ah, the main MC of Dong-A TV's beauty show 'Beauty and Beauty Season 5,' introduced cellpod's microcurrent mask pack MC±WELL as an anti-aging mask pack.

'Beauty and Beauty Season 5' is a beauty information program featuring Park Jeong-ah, along with Yoojin, Cheetah, Solbin, Park Giryang, and Kim Yumi, where they introduce various beauty items that are helpful in daily life.

Park Jeong-ah, who shows her charm through dramas and musicals, reviewed a special mask pack that can be managed while raising children, based on her unique bright and positive energy.


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