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[Press release] 'MC±WEL' launched on Wadiz - a mask pack and microcurrent care in one

A microcurrent mask pack called 'MC±WEL' that improves skin elasticity by delivering microcurrent has been launched through Wadiz crowdfunding 'Lu:WEL' and a skin lifting device are also scheduled for release

Mask pack and microcurrent care in one... 'MC±WEL' launched on Wadiz


Beauty device brand "cellpod" launched the effective microcurrent mask pack "MC±WEL" for skin whitening and wrinkle improvement on the crowdfunding platform "Wadiz" on March 25th. The company announced that they achieved over 20% of their funding goal within a day.

MC±WEL combines a mask pack with a high-purity silver pattern that evenly delivers microcurrent to the entire face and a compact hands-free microcurrent device, providing direct microcurrent stimulation to the skin to promote collagen and elastin production and improve skin elasticity.

The aging of the skin occurs when the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), an important energy source for skin cell regeneration, slows down.

The microcurrent of MC±WEL utilizes a stimulation similar to the bioelectric current (approximately 40-60μA) flowing in a healthy human body, increasing the production of ATP and thus expecting effects such as improved skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction.

The silver pattern used in MC±WEL's cellpod Silver Mask has the advantage of exhibiting approximately 5 times higher conductivity than low-conductivity or unstable silver, copper, carbon, and inexpensive graphene, allowing the even distribution of microcurrent throughout the entire face even with a compact device.

To ensure the stable use of the high-purity silver pattern, a mesh support was applied, and careful consideration was given from the conductivity materials to the packaging.

The applied essence is composed of patented ingredients that can help improve wrinkles and whitening, including ingredients designated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety with EWG green grade, as well as oligo-hyaluronic acid (US8426383B2), collagen (US8747815B2), and syn-Coll (EP1625150B1).

The cellpod Silver Mask has passed non-irritation tests through skin stimulation tests conducted by P&K Skin Clinical Center and has undergone clinical trials for skin elasticity, density, and tone to validate its effectiveness.

The marketing manager of cellpod stated, "MC±WEL is currently being offered with a 40% discount through crowdfunding on Wadiz, and we plan to sell it on the official cellpod website in the future." They also mentioned plans to introduce the beauty devices Lu:WEL, which can provide care for the butterfly zone using LED, galvanic, and microcurrent, and a skin lifting device that utilizes focused ultrasound.

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