LED Technology

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a semiconductor device that gives off light when applying current. Semiconductors are primarily classified as monotone semiconductors, compound semiconductors, and organic semiconductors, of which LED is a type of compound ones. A compound semiconductor is one made up of two or more elements, unlike a monotone semiconductor made up of silicon and germanium. LED is mainly made of gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium phosphorus (GaP), gallium arsenide (GaAsP), and gallium nitrogen (GaN), and the color of LED light varies depending on what compound are used.

420 ~ 470 (nm)Blue· Acne treatment
· Atopic relaxation
500 ~ 535 (nm)Green· Atopic relaxation
· Fungal restrain
· Prevention of food poisoning
580 ~ 595 (nm)Yellow· Collagen Generation
· Yellow discoloration skin treatment
· Enhancement of skin resistance for UV
620 ~ 670 (nm)Red· Wrinkle relaxation
· Moisturizing skin
· Skin elasticity enhancement
700 (nm) ~Colorless· Cell growth promotion
· Healing wounds
· Pain treatment
· Muscle relaxation

Technology Specialties and Benefits


Energy Efficiency


No CO2


Response Speed


No Flicker

The Principle of Technology

In short, LED is optical semiconductor that converts electrical energy into light energy. Basically, LED has a cross-component structure of p-type semiconductor with positive(+) electrical properties and n-type semiconductor with negative(-) electrical properties. N-type with a large number of electrons and p-type with positive characteristics from a lot of holes, as opposite concept, are attached in a thin layer and when applied in forward direction, the current flows to the voltage of several colts and emits light. In other words, n-type electron moves and combines with p-type hole and it emits energy, which is mainly emitted in the form of heat or light and LED is the immediate production of the form of light.

Technology-Based Products

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