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  • Use silver ion (AG+), which is an active ingredient based on A, X-type zeolite
  • Excellent antimicrobial force of silver ion (AG+)
  • High stability and performance of inorganic antimicrobial verified by FDA, EPA, NSF, SIA, etc.
  • Inorganic antimicrobial has better pH and thermal safety than organic antimicrobial
  • Proved the effect on SARS, H1N1, AI Viruses

Antimicrobial Activity




Odor Removal


High Safety


Heat Safety

Product Usage


Plastic Resin

Applying to various plastic resin such as PP, PE ,ABS


Industrial Fields

Applying to many industrial fields such as paints, textiles, and films


Applying to many goods

Applying to many goods like appliances and electronics, food sanitation, textiles, cosmetics containers, etc.

Product Types and Main Purpose


Powder Type

Applying to various plastic resin such as PP, PE, ABS


Slurry Type

Applying to water-acid paint

Certification · Patent · Technology

  • Completed South Korean K-BPR existing biocidal substance pre-report and expect material approval in 2022 (Having no problem using due to approval grace period given by the Ministry of Environment)
  • Plan for final registration of European BPR (ECHA BPC(Biocidal Products Committee) under way for approval and review)
  • Verified high safety and performance by FDA, EPA, NSF, SIAA, etc.

Certification · Patent · Technology

Purification and manufacturing method for producing chlorine dioxide
How to remove scale formed from biofilm and silver oxide
How to remove scale using chlorine dioxide


Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Rectagular (14).png__PID:14cef458-2eba-49da-a2a0-b7cfc594890b

Zeomic Powder

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Rectagular (13).png__PID:cef4582e-ba69-4ae2-a0b7-cfc594890b74

Zeomic Slurry


  • Please beware of the tangle for ideal dispersion with very fine particles as the size of a micron.
  • Master placement or compounding is recommended for ideal distribution when mixing in plastic.
  • Please be careful of humidity during use and storage due to the absorption of moisture, and keep it closed to avoid direct sunlight.
  • Occasionally when mixing plastic, discoloration can be caused by materials such as sulfur and phosphorus from plastic that react with silver. Please consult with the head office when these substances are mixed with stabilizers.
  • When applying a product, it may cause discoloration depending on your usage environment

Model Filter Size

Filter Shape / SizeWidth (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Internal Cell
D50D5010Circle / Square
D50D5012.5Circle / Square
Square33338Circle / Square
Square555510Circle / Square
Square75258Circle / Square
Square100408Circle / Square
Square1001008Circle / Square