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Scale Remover

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  • Removal and Cleaning the inorganic scale on metal surface and inside the flow path, etc.
  • Compound organic acid consisting of food additives
  • Addition of anticorrosive agents

Inorganic Scale Removal · Cleaning


Compound organic acid


Addition of anticorrosive agents

Product Usage


Sterilization and Cleaning

Sterilization and cleaning of direct water purifier


Scale Removal

Flow inorganic scale Removal inorganic scale inside the electric pot

Customizing List

  • The concentration of active ingredients, packaging, weight, etc.
  • Able to manufacture of foaming tablet and foaming Powder type

Certification · Patent · Technology

Purification and manufacturing method for producing chlorine dioxide
How to remove scale formed from biofilm and silver oxide
How to remove scale using chlorine dioxide


Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Rectagular (10).png__PID:74d40d63-5cda-4f68-aed6-c37ad211bab3

Scale Remover

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Rectagular (12).png__PID:245274d4-0d63-4cda-bf68-6ed6c37ad211

Scale Remover

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Rectagular (11).png__PID:5274d40d-635c-4a3f-a86e-d6c37ad211ba

Scale Remover

Model Filter Size

Filter Shape / SizeWidth (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Internal Cell
D50D5010Circle / Square
D50D5012.5Circle / Square
Square33338Circle / Square
Square555510Circle / Square
Square75258Circle / Square
Square100408Circle / Square
Square1001008Circle / Square