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[OEM] Cantata : Scalp Massager & Facial Brush

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Production Lead Time

6~8 months

Product Composition
① Main Device ② Scalp Massager Tab ③ Facial Brush Tab
④ Lid ⑤ USB Charger Cable
Product Specification
Model Cantata : Scalp Massager & Facial Brush
Cleansing Mode 2 Steps mode (Normal → Strong)
Timer After 60 seconds, the operation will turn off automatically
Charging Time Full Charging Time : About 2 hours and 30 minutes
Waterproof Waterproof IPX7
Usage Environment Room Temperature
Size 112*69*69
Weight (Body+Head) 140g


Galvanic LED Booster

Recommended for

Those who want a fast and perfect cleansing method, worry about blackheads/whiteheads, have acne problems due to dirt build-up, are teenagers with acne issues, or are men wishing for an easy way to take care of their skin, and those who want a healthy scalp

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Rectagular - 2024-01-29T173546.065.png__PID:53757cfb-2fbc-4919-af5b-63d6e7cdfd2b

2 In 1 for Clean Skin
and Healthy Scalp

Cleansing Brush : Provides deep cleansing for pores and sebum control, enhancing skin resilience
Scalp Massager : Prevent hair loss and dandruff

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Rectagular - 2024-01-29T164106.982.png__PID:4948fce9-1f2f-4e63-b818-0b26a6c01d29

Replaceable Head Tabs

Easily replace the cleansing brush/scalp massage tab to suit your purpose and situation

2 (1).png__PID:ae5a0ad7-5eea-4229-83fb-6f244c9bc41d

2 Levels of Vibration Modes

According to skin type, 2 vibration speeds available (up to 4,000 swings per minute)

Microcurrent mask sheet.png__PID:022131e9-6312-46a4-90a2-d0e2c8d04536

Excellent Waterproof (IPX8)

IPX8 waterproof rated, ensuring no malfunctions or damage due to moisture

제목 없는 디자인 (52).png__PID:c41da97b-ca4b-452b-8540-e10f6e5bde78

EASY TO USE "Auto On-Off"

Just grab the skin contact electrode and put it on the skin,
then, it works automatically with covenience.

galvanic led booster
  • ① Galvanic current part
  • ② LED
  • ③ Skin contact electrode


Make the mask essence better absorbed

Galvanic Current (iontophoresis)

Essense active ingredient
Penetration boosting

RED LED Light (630 ~ 660nm)

Helps Collagen generating

Vibration Massage

To make elastic skin



MODELGalvanic LED Booster
BatteryCR2032 / 2 EA
Rating3.0 V (CR2032) 235 mAh X 2ea
Vibration frequency208 ± 10% Hz
Continuous operating time120min (battery change interval : 3 months)
Size (LxD) / Weight51 x 38 mm / 13.5g
MaterialABS, Cr plated
MotorCoin type vibrator
ON · OFFBiometric switch




  • Do not use the device if you have any open wounds or skin infections.
  • Avoid using the device on sensitive or irritated skin.
  • Use the device only for its intended purpose and follow the recommended guidelines.
  • Do not share the device with others to prevent the spread of bacteria or infections.
  • Keep the device out of reach of children to avoid accidents.
  • Do not use the device near flammable materials.
  • This device cannot be used for medical purpose.
  • If you experience any discomfort or adverse reactions while using the device, discontinue use and consult a professional.
  • For pregnant women or those who have undergone skin treatment, we recommend that you use it after consulting with an expert.
  • After use, rinse thoroughly with water or wipe clean with a damp cloth to ensure no residue from used shampoo or foam cleanser remains.
  • When moving with the cleansing brush head tab attached to the device or when storing or transporting it separately, use the provided cover to ensure the cleanliness and prevent damage to the brush.

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