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Quick and Easy Sterilization with Clopod Handheld Electrolyzer

The Clopod Electrolyzer Review by Korean Blogger '곰탱쑤' on Naver Blog

 Clopod electrolyzer 



Disinfect quickly and easily

Clopod Electrolyzer

Solutions for viruses
Coronavirus, common cold, flu, bacteria
Disinfection, deodorization

During the COVID-19 era, the importance of disinfection and sanitization has become evident.

With the current flu trends, every time I return home from outside, I feel the need to disinfect. That's why I opted for the Clopod Electrolyzer.



Previously, I had concerns about safety when using commercial disinfectants containing alcohol. However, after switching to a safer electrolyzed water disinfectant, I feel much more at ease.

Especially, the Clopod Electrolyzer is equipped with 7 patents and 4 utility model registrations.


electrolyzed water

What is electrolyzed water?

Through Clopod's unique technology, when salt is added to tap water and rapidly electrolyzed, it produces a solution that is safe for humans and has powerful disinfecting and deodorizing capabilities.

It can quickly and effectively achieve over 99% disinfection and deodorization.


99% disinfection and deodorization

The neatly packaged design makes it look perfect as a housewarming gift.

Especially for people like me living alone, it's a real gem.

It's fantastic for disinfecting items that are hard to wash frequently, such as blankets, pillows, carpets, and winter coats.


✔️ Stay-at-home moms (for disinfecting baby items)

✔️ Those who have pets (for cleaning pet waste)

✔️ People sensitive to viruses

✔️ Individuals living alone


◆ Components

Main unit, Spray bottle, Charging adapter, Power plug, Dedicated salt spoon, User manual, Recipe book 

electrolyzed waterelectrolyzed water

The components are neatly packaged inside, and the stylish white-tone design can also be seen as an interior accent.


220v220v and 210v

The plug is compatible with both 220v and 210v, making it usable in any country.

It's easy to plug and unplug with the 220v setting.


electrolyzer with patented technology

The Clopod electrolyzer features electrodes manufactured with proprietary patented technology for enhanced safety.

⭐ Please note: Be careful not to let water touch the bottom terminal.


How to use the Clopod Electrolyzer


The manual was in English, but the usage instructions were simpler than I expected, so I quickly got used to using it.

If you're unsure, just follow me! 🙋🏻‍♀️


☑️ Please pour 1L of tap water into the pitcher.


It's possible to produce in 500ml and 1L units, but I opted to make it in 1L batches for even more convenience and ease of use.


☑️ Please add the dedicated salt.

dedicated salt

For 1L of water, use 5g of salt

A 5g dedicated spoon is included, making it convenient to add salt.

⭐ Note: This is refined salt, not regular salt.


electrolyzed water

If you add too much salt, it may cause an error.

Exactly 5g for 1L is the correct amount, and depending on the type of additive, you can produce a variety of electrolyzed water.


☑️ Gently stir with the included stirring stick.

stirring stick

To ensure the salt dissolves well, I gave it a gentle stir with the included stirring stick before connecting it to the power.


☑️ Press and hold the operation button for 1 second.

operation button

If you hear a beep sound but it doesn't operate when you press the power button, please disconnect and reconnect the feature. It should start working immediately.



A foam rises with a blue light indicating that the electrolyzed water is being produced.

I found myself staring at it continuously.

This is what you call mesmerized disinfection watching. 😂


deodorizing water

It takes about 5 minutes to produce the electrolyzed water.

The fact that you can make powerful disinfectant and deodorizing water in under 5 minutes is just fantastic.


☑️ After completion, please pour the produced electrolyzed water into the spray bottle.

electrolyzed water

In everyday life, areas to disinfect are typically sprayed using the spray bottle. Places like the kitchen sink, bathroom drains, and washbasins were sanitized by pouring the electrolyzed water directly from the pitcher.


☑️ Disinfect and deodorize the desired areas.

spray dispenses

The spray dispenses evenly with just a slight press, covering areas uniformly in a mist.

The disinfecting scent is subtle and not overpowering, which I found quite pleasant. Just spraying it this way achieves 99% disinfection and deodorization!

Plus, there's no additional maintenance needed, making it incredibly convenient.



With just one Clopod electrolyzer, I can easily disinfect various items and areas like the bathroom, kitchen, bedding, clothes, shoes, mobile phones, and even pet supplies.

It's the ultimate product for someone like me, a solo dweller who tends to be a bit lazy.

Today, I took the time to disinfect my entire home—from the bedroom and kitchen to the bathroom, dressing room, and balcony!!



The Clopod electrolyzer is now an essential item in my daily life. It's definitely a must-have for solo dwellers like me. 👍🏻



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