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Ecowell Successfully Concludes Consultation Sessions with Global Buyers at BOOM UP KOREA 2024

Ecowell showcased its advanced home skincare devices at the BOOM UP KOREA 2024 exhibition in Seoul, attracting global attention. The company held successful consultations with 19 businesses from various countries,...

Ecowell showcased its innovative home skincare devices at the 'BOOM UP KOREA 2024' exhibition held at COEX in Seoul from April 15th to 16th, attracting significant attention from the global market. During the exhibition, Ecowell conducted consultations with a total of 19 companies, including 12 pre-scheduled appointments and 7 additional matches made on-site.

Ecowell booth being consulted at Boom Up Korea 2024

Companies from the United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Japan, Mexico, India, Tanzania, Turkey, Poland, and Russia visited the Ecowell booth. These companies spanned various industries such as beauty brands, distributors, major electronics company, major department store, beauty shops, and clinics. They explored effective strategies for entering the promising home beauty device market through Ecowell's product lineup. These consultations served as an opportunity for Ecowell to directly demonstrate its technological expertise and competitive edge to global buyers.

The products displayed at the exhibition, including the Galvanic LED Booster, ELB, Luwell, Wrinklessperfector, Bubblux, and the cellpod Microcurrent Silver Masksheets, were well-received by the attendees. Many buyers who had the chance to try out these products expressed high satisfaction.

Luwell  LED mask

A buyer in consultation wearing Lu±well

Ecowell's brand manager stated that the BOOM UP KOREA 2024 provided a great opportunity to affirm Ecowell's position in the global home beauty device market.

The demand and interest demonstrated at the exhibition will accelerate Ecowell's efforts to continuously innovate and develop superior products to offer consumers. For more information on Ecowell's latest products and activities, please visit the official website at

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