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[Press Release] cellpod "Expanding Export of MC±WELL Microcurrent Mask Pack to Italy"

cellpod is collaborating with an Italian beauty brand to introduce their microcurrent mask pack, MC±WELL, in Italy. The product's certification, effectiveness, and safety have garnered interest in the Italian market.

Beauty brand cellpod has announced that they held a video conference meeting with Ilaria Toscano, the founder of an Italian beauty brand, to localize their microcurrent mask pack, MC±WELL, in Italy. The meeting was supported by KOTRA Milan Trade Office.

cellpod stated that the reason they received interest in MC±WELL in Italy is because the product has been certified by the European community, complying with regulations regarding permitted ingredients, stability testing, low irritation, and labeling. They also highlighted the effectiveness of the microcurrent mask pack and the safety of the device as factors that led to preference in the Italian market.


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