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cellpod MC±WELL Micro Current Mask Pack, Sold Out in Naver Shopping Live 1st and 2nd Broadcasts

cellpod MC±WELL microcurrent mask pack achieved a remarkable feat, completely selling out 200 units during the 2nd Naver Shopping Live broadcast and surpassing 400 units in total sales.

Beauty device specialist brand 'cellpod' announced on the 21st that its Naver Shopping Live 2nd gratitude event was a tremendous success, with a limited quantity of 200 units selling out early in the broadcast, ultimately selling over 400 products, doubling the initial amount.

During the shopping live broadcast of MC±WELL microcurrent mask pack on the evening of the 20th, renowned beauty show hosts 'Cha Jun Soo' and 'Park Seo Jin' engaged consumers with a lively demonstration under the theme of '2nd batch sold out and 3rd product upgrade release celebration,' using the microcurrent mask pack.

In the broadcast, they tested the conductivity of MC±WELL mask sheet by examining a light bulb with a built-in battery commonly used in home shopping. Going beyond, they created an environment simulating the use of the microcurrent mask pack, demonstrating the flow of microcurrent directly through MC±WELL by showing light entering a bulb without a battery, sparking enthusiastic reactions from viewers.



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