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Filtro de panal fotocatalítico

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Especificaciones del producto
Forma/tamaño del filtro Ancho*Largo*Alto (mm) Celda Interna
Círculo D50*10 Plaza Circular
Círculo D50*12,5 Plaza Circular
Cuadrado 33*33*8 Plaza Circular
Cuadrado 55*55*10 Plaza Circular
Cuadrado 75*25*8 Plaza Circular
Cuadrado 100*40*8 Plaza Circular
Cuadrado 100*100*8 Plaza Circular
  • Chemically safe and harmless substance to the environment and human body
  • Available application of various types of air purifiers with excellent deodorization performance
  • Longer use than sorbent activated carbon and removal of stinking gas after adsorption
  • Excellent adhesion enough to be put into water and washed by hand
  • Applicable to a variety of design products such as the material, size, and shape of filters depending on their purpose

Odor Removing


Sterilization Funtion




Various Sizes

Product Differentiation


Excellent deodorization performance

The T1 photo-catalyst filter is good for removing acetic aldehyde, ammonia, acetic acid, and even toluene formaldehyde, which are odorous gases used for performance evaluation for air purifiers and applicable to various types of air purifiers.


Long term usage

Photocatalytic filters have a mechanism for eliminating odor gases by creating a catalyst reaction after adsorption, which generally has the advantage of being longer in use than just sorbent activated.


Excellent adhesion

Because most photo-catalysts have a powder type, the lack of the technology to coat them can bring the problem that can easily be dislodged from the support. Our photocatalytic filters have excellent adhesion to the point where they can be put into water and cleaned by hand.


Changeable various size

According to the purpose, the material, size, and shape of the filter can be changed and it can be applied to various designs.

Certification · Patent · Technology

Nitrogen oxide removal with Ecowell Photocatalyst
단락 텍스트 - 2023-11-23T144859.788.png__PID:c6ac8d67-1fce-4940-8337-e596157bc764
Toluene removal with Ecowell Photocatalyst
Formaldehyde removal with Ecowell Photocatalyst


Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Rounded Square

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter
Rounded Square

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Circle

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Rectagular.png__PID:31d0307a-6b54-481c-80c4-6022be3f5b3f

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Rounded Rectagular

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Square Large.png__PID:0b48deda-7620-4eaa-b293-2243a15353cb

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Square Large

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Square Small (1).png__PID:deda7620-beaa-4293-a243-a15353cb1bfd

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Square Small

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Square Medium.png__PID:d0307a6b-5488-4c80-8460-22be3f5b3fd7

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Square Medium

Model Filter Size

Filter Shape / SizeWidth (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Internal Cell
D50D5010Circle / Square
D50D5012.5Circle / Square
Square33338Circle / Square
Square555510Circle / Square
Square75258Circle / Square
Square100408Circle / Square
Square1001008Circle / Square