Amplificador LED galvánico

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Características clave
Corriente galvánica (iontoforesis)

Ingrediente activo esencia
Aumento de la penetración

Luz LED ROJA (360 ~ 660 nm)

Ayuda a generar colágeno.

Masaje por vibración

Hace la piel elástica

Especificaciones del producto
Modelo Amplificador LED galvánico
Batería CR2032 / 2 unidades
Clasificación 3,0 V (CR2032) 235 mAh x 2 unidades
Frecuencia de vibración 208 ± 10%Hz
Tiempo de funcionamiento continuo 120 min (intervalo de cambio de batería: 3 meses)
Tamaño (LxP) / Peso 51x38mm/13,5g
Material ABS, cromado
Motor Vibrador tipo moneda
ENCENDIDO APAGADO interruptor biométrico
Folleto del producto
Galvanic LED Booster

Recommended for

For you who have been getting professional facial care but with no effect so far, have too sensitive skin to use other cosmetics, want simple care at home and easy-to-use microcurrent device, need convenience without requiring professional care.

Galvanic Therapy

Boost your skin care product to penetrate more deeply, Red LED: Helps to generate collagen actively with LED at 630 nm ~ 660 nm, Vibration Massage: Enhances the elasticity of your skin, so prevents the wrinkle or double chin.

Use with Your at-home Cream, Serum or Essence

We Recommend Using This Device Together With Some Active Ingredients, i.e., Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid. Those Ingredients will be boosted to Penetrate Deeply Into Your Skin By This Device.

Smart Micro-Technology

Micro size, Highly portable

Galvanic LED Booster

EASY TO USE "Auto On-Off"

Just grab the skin contact electrode and put it on the skin,
then, it works automatically with covenience.

galvanic led booster
  • ① Galvanic current part
  • ② LED
  • ③ Skin contact electrode


Make the mask essence better absorbed

Galvanic Current (iontophoresis)

Essense active ingredient
Penetration boosting

RED LED Light (630 ~ 660nm)

Helps Collagen generating

Vibration Massage

To make elastic skin



MODELGalvanic LED Booster
BatteryCR2032 / 2 EA
Rating3.0 V (CR2032) 235 mAh X 2ea
Vibration frequency208 ± 10% Hz
Continuous operating time120min (battery change interval : 3 months)
Size (LxD) / Weight51 x 38 mm / 13.5g
MaterialABS, Cr plated
MotorCoin type vibrator
ON · OFFBiometric switch




  • Do not drop in water or store in humid place.
  • Please wipe this device clean with a tissue or soft cloth after use and keep it clean.
  • Do not wash this device with water as it is not water resistant.
  • Please use the battery specified in this manual and check the (+), (-) mark before inserting the batteries into the device.
  • This device can not be used for medical purpose.
  • Do not use on wounds, scars or skin with inflamed acne.
  • If you notice skin reactions-like spots, rashes, allergies, swellings or irritations, stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist.
  • De not use the device what it is damaged.
  • Goods damages due to consumer's negligence will not be accepted for refund or exchange.
  • For pregnent women or those who have undergone skin treatment, we recommend that you use it after consulting with an expert.
  • Avoid using around the eyes.

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