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Hojas de mascarilla de plata con microcorriente cellpod

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Composición del producto
Hojas de mascarilla de Plata Microcorriente
① Hojas de mascarilla plateadas (8EA) ② Dispositivo de microcorriente Bolsa portátil
Especificaciones del producto
Modelo Hojas de mascarilla de plata con microcorriente cellpod
Número de usos 8 veces
tiempo de uso 20 minutos
Dimensión 34 mm x 40,2 mm x 7 mm
Funcional principal Adenosina (mejora de las arrugas)
Niacina Amida (Blanqueamiento)
Material conductor pasta de plata
Resistencia del patrón menos de 50 Ω

Hoja de mascarilla y esencia empaquetadas por separado en una bolsa

Todos los ingredientes

Agua, butilenglicol, glicerina niacinamida, 1,2-hexanodiol, polideceno hidrogenado, carbómero, arginina, etilhexilglicerina, adenosina, propanodiol, tocoferol, oleato de poliglicerilo-10, aceite de semilla de Helianthus annuus (girasol), fitato de sodio, lecitina hidrogenada, colágeno hidrolizado. , Copolímero de acrilato de glicerilo/ácido acrílico, extracto de goma de Acacia Senegal, etilhexil triazona, escualano, copolímero de PVM/MA, extracto de raíz de Alkanna Tinctoria, extracto de semilla de Foeniculum Vulgare (hinojo), extracto de Coriandrum Sativum (cilantro), extracto de semilla de Elettaria Cardamomum, Crocus Sativus Extracto de flor, ácido madecásico, asiaticósido, ácido asiático, extracto de Houttuynia cordata, extracto de centella asiática, vitamina C

Folleto del producto
skin care mask sheet
MC±WELL Microcurrent mask sheet (27).png__PID:c06be97a-a6a9-4fe6-9c3c-c3fb7e322cbf

Recommended for

For you who have been getting professional facial care but with no effect so far, have too sensitive skin to use other cosmetics, want simple care at home and easy-to-use microcurrent device, need convenience without requiring professional care.

No rub anymore!

Just leave a mask sheet on your face and put the device on your forehead for 20 minutes.  

Microcurrent + Galvanic

Microcurrent activates bioelectric current, Increase in collagen thickness, Elevation of elastin fiber, Increased protein synthesis & Massage Effect.
Galvanic makes essence nutrients to penetrate deeper into the skin.

MC±WELL Microcurrent mask sheet (6).png__PID:d78cb356-dc5a-4c58-b6e9-d62d6bf5adb6

Vitamin C-coated mask sheets

Vitamin C-coated mask sheets, when used in conjunction with galvanic treatment, can enhance skin penetration and provide a whitening effect.

MC±WELL Microcurrent mask sheet (7).png__PID:e4626cf7-3d3a-4c29-a007-2c6de982c899

Various effects from EWG Green rated essence ingredients

- Adenosine : functional ingredients for wrinkle care
- Niacinamide : functional Ingredients for brightening
- Squalane : moisturizing film formation
- Sunflower seed oil : lecithin, vitamin care
- Tocopherol : soothing and protecting Skin
- Lupinus albus seed extract : helps smooth, elastic skin


MC±WELL Device

1ea (10 times)

Cellpod Silver Mask

5 sheets (Half Pack) / 10 sheets (Full Pack)

Expiration Date

Half Pack : November 24, 2023 
Full Pack : November 1, 2023



Test 1. Increased skin elasticity of the cheeks

Comparing with the mask pack only,

107.8% increased (for 4weeks)

자산 2@2x.png__PID:b1b417eb-e061-4b4a-84e2-9f69dac9970e

Test 2. Increased skin elasticity of the forehead

Comparing with the mask pack only,

62.3% increased (for 4weeks)

자산 1@2x.png__PID:c0615718-9871-4b37-8882-3a8d702311ba

Test 3. Increased skin elasticity of the eye region

Comparing with the mask pack only,

101.3% increased (for 4weeks)

자산 2@2x.png__PID:4d0d381b-e317-4ada-bfc3-37977ab43b3a

Test 4. Increased skin density

Comparing with the mask pack only,

53.2% increased (for 4weeks)

자산 3@2x.png__PID:52e20a2a-2eb9-48dc-bbbd-3e1abfc6ec40
단락 텍스트 (97).png__PID:dd8e18c1-9e51-4048-96a8-c62a8a9e89e0

Microcurrent Silver Mask Sheet + Device gruop, Female of 40's with dry skin type

Test 5. Enhanced skin tone (Brightening)

Comparing with the mask pack only,

171.7% increased (for 4weeks)

자산 4@2x.png__PID:e20a2a2e-b908-4cfb-bd3e-1abfc6ec4089
단락 텍스트 (98).png__PID:1d7bdf0d-1a11-404c-86c4-12852328bc75

Microcurrent Silver Mask Sheet + Device gruop, Female of 40's with normal skin type



mask sheet
ModelMC±WELL Microcurrent mask sheet
Number of uses10 times
Time for use20minutes
Dimension34mm x 40.2mm x 7mm
Major functionalAdenosine (Wrinkle improvemente)
Niacin Amide (Whitening)
Conductive materialSilver paste
Pattern resistanceunder 50 Ω
PackageSeparately packaged mask sheet and essence in one pouch



  • If you are pregnant or have undergone skin treatment, please consult with a specialist before use.
  • Consult with a specialist if there are any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling, or itching in the area of ​​use due to direct sunlight when using cosmetics or after use.
  • Please refrain from using it on areas with scars.
  • Avoid using around the eyes.
  • The mask pack is a disposable product, so use it immediately after opening.
  • Do not reuse a mask pack that has been used once.
  • It is recommended to use once every 3 days. (2-3 times a week)
  • Please refrain from using if you have metal or skin allergies.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not refrigerate the device.
  • Do not use if you are wearing a device that is sensitive to magnetic response inside the body (such as artificial organ medical devices installed inside the human body).

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