Bubblux Limpiador Facial Vibrante y Espuma de Limpieza Profunda Refinadora de Poros EX

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Composición del producto
limpiador vibratorio limpiador en forma
① Parte superior ② Parte inferior ③ Correa para el dedo
④ Limpiador de formularios (2EA) ⑤ Bolsa portátil
Especificaciones del producto
Modelo Limpiador Bubblux y Formas
Motor Vibrador tipo barra

Continuidad del uso del aplicador (Uso actual)

50 minutos (75 minutos)
Batería CR2032 / 1 unidad
Función Vibración
ENCENDIDO APAGADO Interruptor magnético
Nivel impermeable IPX8
Número de certificación KC RR-EcW-EBI-E11114
Fecha de caducidad del limpiador en espuma. 3 años desde la fecha de fabricación (La fecha de fabricación está indicada en el producto)
Todos los ingredientes

Agua, ácido palmítico, butilenglicol, ácido esteárico, ácido láurico, hidróxido de potasio, ácido mirístico, polisorbato 20, cocoilglicinato de potasio, estearato de glicerilo, urea, estearato de PEG-100, cera de abejas sintética, manitol, cocoato de potasio, celulosa microcristalina, lactato de sodio. , Agua de fruta Carica Papaya (papaya), sacarosa, aceite de hoja de Melaleuca alternifolia (árbol de té), 1,2-hexanodiol, EDTA disódico, propanodiol, almidón de Zea Mays (maíz), hidroxipropilmetilcelulosa, aceite de cáscara de limón cítrico (limón), cromo HydroxideGreen (CI 77289), extracto de raíz de Yucca Schidigera, extracto de fruta ★Sapindus Mukorossi, extracto de Centella Asiatica, extracto de Houttuynia Cordata, extracto de semilla de Salvia hispánica, extracto de corteza de Quillaja Saponaria, extracto de Saponaria Officinalis, fenoxietanol, metilpropanodiol, acetato de tocoferilo, Citrus Grandis (pomelo). ) Aceite de cáscara, fermento de lactobacillus/jacinto de agua, extracto de raíz de Ophiopogon japonicus, extracto de flor de crisantemo morifolium, etilhexilglicerina, limoneno, citral

Folleto del producto
Galvanic LED Booster

Recommended for

Bubblux is ideal for pore management, makeup residue removal, and improving skin texture. The gentle vibrations of this cleanser cleanse and massage the skin, promoting skin health and vitality.

Microcurrent mask sheet (1).png__PID:b6680221-31e9-4312-86a4-90a2d0e2c8d0

Strong and Sharp Vibration

Gently remove impurities from deep within the pores with powerful and precise vibrations. (approximately 12,000 RPM)

Microcurrent mask sheet.png__PID:022131e9-6312-46a4-90a2-d0e2c8d04536

Excellent Waterproof (IPX8)

IPX8 waterproof rated, ensuring no malfunctions or damage due to moisture

Microcurrent mask sheet (2).png__PID:a780c9c1-2835-4913-8fd6-824d52cded96

Easy Operation

Bubblux operates automatically when you slide your finger into the strap, without the need for an on/off switch.

제목 없는 디자인 (7).png__PID:c1096cb9-a2d3-4777-97d0-12f98ec8f2d8

EASY TO USE "Auto On-Off"

Just grab the skin contact electrode and put it on the skin,
then, it works automatically with covenience.

galvanic led booster
  • ① Galvanic current part
  • ② LED
  • ③ Skin contact electrode


Make the mask essence better absorbed

Galvanic Current (iontophoresis)

Essense active ingredient
Penetration boosting

RED LED Light (630 ~ 660nm)

Helps Collagen generating

Vibration Massage

To make elastic skin



MODELGalvanic LED Booster
BatteryCR2032 / 2 EA
Rating3.0 V (CR2032) 235 mAh X 2ea
Vibration frequency208 ± 10% Hz
Continuous operating time120min (battery change interval : 3 months)
Size (LxD) / Weight51 x 38 mm / 13.5g
MaterialABS, Cr plated
MotorCoin type vibrator
ON · OFFBiometric switch





  • Do not store it in places where high temperatures occur above 60 degrees.
  • Store away from direct sunlight.
  • Make sure to use a certified battery.
  • When replacing the battery, be careful not to let the battery enter the child's mouth.
  • After use, place the finger strap part on the ground to store. This helps to prevent battery drainage and keeps the silicone brush cleaner.
  • Please wipe this device clean with a tissue or soft cloth after use and keep it clean.
  • This device cannot be used for medical purpose.
  • Do not use the device when it is damaged.
  • For pregnant women or those who have undergone skin treatment, we recommend that you use it after consulting with an expert.
  • If you notice skin reactions-like spots, rashes, allergies, swellings or irritations, stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist.

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