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Water Ionizer Stone

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Product Composition
① Ionizer Stone Device ② Chargeable cradle ③ Measuring Spoon 
④ Additive  USD-C type cable
Product Specification
Model Water Ionizer Stone
Model Name EEO-E11111
Maximum power
48W / 11W
Adaptor INPUT : AC 100 220V, 50/60Hz
OUTPUT : 5V, 1.8A & 9V 1.2A
Battery 7.4V / 3,000mAh(Lithium-ion)
Product size 138 X 114 X 47mm
Weight 260g(device) / 100g(charging cradle)
Applicable Capacity 3L, 4L, 5L
Material ABS, Titanium etc.
Country of Origin Republic of Korea
Waterproof Rating IPX8
Manufacturer Ecowell Co., Ltd.


Product Brochure
  • Convenient charging anywhere with wireless charging
  • Escherichia coli, Food Poisoning Bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. Sterilize 99% of bacteria
  • Removal of pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables
  • With non-heating method to kitchen and baby products, safely sterilize
  • Safe by applying new electrolyte additives, produces hypochlorous acid water
  • Remotely control the device using the mobile app (optional)
  • Charging and operating modes notified via LED lamp
  • 3 operation time control with one button (LED notification)
  • Can be used in water for a long time with IPX8 rating
  • Completed safety tests for skin irritation, eye irritation, and oral toxicity
Sterilization  deodorization Power.png__PID:ca9ab451-5a71-4a08-a96e-0cc6efd024a1

Sterilization · Deodorization Power

Fast and powerful over 99% Sterilization and deodorization possible



Sterilize and deodorize safely with electrolyzed water,
a safer alternative to chemicals



Holds eight patents and has four utility models with its own R&D center

Photocatalytic Honeycomb Filter Rectagular (38).png__PID:a55e4929-f500-4585-b4ec-2f818913882f

Economic Feasibility

Economic efficiency that increases as the period of use increases

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Easy Upkeep & Stylish Design

Convenient maintenance and stylish, versatile design

How electrolyzed water is made?

20210823 Product Information_WI Stone.jpg__PID:d432caf4-98e1-4114-801e-e1c0020051a1

Water is rapidly electrolyzed through special technology of WATER IONIZER STONE. It is converted into water that can be sterilized and deodorized.
This is called electrolyzed water.
By electrolyzing tap water containing trace amounts of chloride ions (Cl (Cl --+ H ₂ O OCl --+ 2H + 2e --) Produces hypochlorous acid ( If necessary, by adding a dedicated hypochlorous acid generator (electrolyte),
It is also possible to manufacture hypochlorous acid water of 10ppm~80ppm.

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What is Hypochlorous acid (HOCI)?

20210823 Product Information_WI Stone.jpg__PID:67492179-3a19-445e-9dc9-22f0b669e0e8

• HOCl is a weak acidic chlorine based disinfectant generated by electrolysis and is used as a sterilizing, disinfecting, and deodorizing agent for various pathogens.
• HOCl is a chlorine disinfectant with high bactericidal activity against various microorganisms.
• HOCl has been identified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an effective disinfectant against SARS CoV 2 (COVID019) and has broad disinfection efficacy against many pathogens.
• As the only end products of HOCl are water and salt, it does not pose a personal or ecotoxicological hazard in daily use.
• HOCl is classified as non hazardous by WHO and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but all oxidizing agents can be corrosive or irritating, depending on their concentration and pH.
• In animal testing, hypochlorous acid (HOCl) was tested for eye irritation, skin irritation, and oral toxicity and concluded that it is non toxic and non irritating to the eyes and skin. 

Product Usage

20210823 Product Information_WI Stone.jpg__PID:a5605ff3-a7bc-4f21-b89b-9373ac05ac76

Washing vegetables and fruits

Sterilize even the hidden places of fruits and vegetables that cannot be washed with running water. 
Vegetables and fruits eaten raw are fresher and cleaner!
Summer fruits and vegetables that perish easily in summer can also be stored fresher and longer.

20210823 Product Information_WI Stone.jpg__PID:5ff3a7bc-4f21-489b-9373-ac05ac76efd4

Unheated washing baby supplies

Non heating sterilization method that relieves concerns about environmental hormones by not boiling.
Removes kitchen germs cleanly without boiling and without detergent.
It can be sterilized safely without worrying about burns or the deformation of the container.

20210823 Product Information_WI Stone.jpg__PID:a7bc4f21-789b-4373-ac05-ac76efd40a4b

Washing kitchenware and
sanitary products

Sterilization of various frequently used kitchen utensils and sanitary products.
Soak small items directly in electrolyzed water,
For large items, moisten a cotton cloth with electrolyzed water and wipe the surface evenly.

20210823 Product Information_WI Stone.jpg__PID:4f21789b-9373-4c05-ac76-efd40a4bf494

Disinfection of clothes and towels

Disinfecting and sterilizing clothes and towels. It removes dirt and odors from underwear and socks without using detergent and sterilizes more than 99.9%.
※ Using white clothing only recommended. 
※ As in the case of general washing, there may be dirt that does not come off easily.

20210823 Product Information_WI Stone.jpg__PID:789b9373-ac05-4c76-afd4-0a4bf494195e

Maintaining cleanliness by washing face and foot bath

The kitchen is not the only place where WATER IONIZER STONE is active.
After washing your face, wash your face secondary again with electrolyzed water to alleviate skin troubles.
Also, sterilize athlete's foot bacteria with an electrolyzed water foot bath.

20210823 Product Information_WI Stone.jpg__PID:9373ac05-ac76-4fd4-8a4b-f494195e1acf

Washing bathroom and
pet supplies

Sterilization treatment for toilet hygiene management and tile floor cleaning in always wet bathrooms.
And sterilization of pet products that are difficult to clean.
After a walk, use it on your pet's feet, drinking water fountain, or toilet plate.

Certification · Patent · Technology

Brown rice germination device and method for germination of brown rice
Oral irrigator equipped with a plasma generator
Sterilizing water generation device using low-salt water or fresh water
Flow-type sterilizing water generator
Portable sterilizing washing water generator using low-temperature plasma
Home sterilizer equipped with low-temperature plasma generator
Oral irrigator equipped with a plasma generator
Sterilizing water generating device with split partition
Active structure for obtaining high concentration hypochlorous acid aqueous solution from sodium chloride aqueous solution and method for producing sterilizing water using the same
Denture cleaning and sterilizing machine equipped with low-temperature plasma generator
Electrode structure for underwater low-temperature plasma generation
Underwater low-temperature plasma generator for generating hydroxyl radicals


E. coli / Staphylococcus aureus

20210823 Product Information_WI Stone.jpg__PID:efd40a4b-f494-495e-9acf-8836c88130ab


Food Poisoning Bacteria

20210823 Product Information_WI Stone.jpg__PID:e3226ba9-bd44-4b54-b93f-64aff17e1507

Pesticide Removal


20210823 Product Information_WI Stone.jpg__PID:eebc3352-8d21-4b77-b78e-121079a1c132


Mode Guide

20210823 Product Information_WI Stone.jpg__PID:528d218b-77f7-4e12-9079-a1c1324b7bf7

LED : White

Mode selection standby state

LED : Red

Recharging required

LED : Yellow

5min operation mode (Tap Water 3L)

LED : Green

7min operation mode (Tap Water 4L)

LED : Blue

9min operation mode (Tap Water 5L)

스크린샷 2024-05-16 172531.png__PID:2a779167-dbef-43b1-b5e4-3c8c9c1d1561


Tap Water
additive (g)
Time (min)
ppm (HOCI)pH
36540 ~ 605 ~ 6.5
48740 ~ 605 ~ 6.5
510940 ~ 605 ~ 6.5

*Based on tap water in Seoul, Korea, temperature 20~21°C


Adjustable Measuring Spoon

Designed by ECOWELL LAB

1. Name of each part

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① Scoop ② Measuring slider ③ Adjusting slider ④ Stirring tip

2. How to use for accurate quantity of additive

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① Set the quantity you want by push ‘Adjusting slider’ back and forth. 
② Scoop up the additive to fill it.
③ Push ‘Measuring Slider’ forth.
④ Push ‘Measuring Slider’ to the end to make sure the additive be flat level.
⑤ For the best performance, we recommend you stirring the water several times before the device operation after adding the additive (e.g., organic salt or refined salt).

Mobile App Connectivity

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Control your device remotely using the mobile application.

Checklist Before Use

  • Be careful as materials such as wood and metal may cause discoloration, deformation, and corrosion if left in electrolyzed water for a long time.
  • Do not use electrolyzed water on materials with moisture absorption such as fabric, leather, and paper.
  • In the case of electrical appliances, be careful as electrolyzed water gets into the inside of the device, which may cause device malfunction.
  • Moisture-sensitive materials such as leather may become discolored or deformed if exposed to electrolyzed water for a long time. Please use it according to the characteristics of the product.
  • If vegetables or fruits are left in electrolyzed water for a long time, the surface may be deformed or damaged. Please observe the specified time.
  • Be sure to rinse vegetables and fruits washed with electrolyzed water thoroughly with clean tap water before using them for consumption, storage, and cooking.
  • Do not use for fish, meat, processed meat products, and grains such as rice.
  • Do not use vegetables or fruits from which the skin has been removed as it may cause discoloration.
  • If you are sensitive to the chlorine components, be careful when using them.
  • Do not spray directly into the respiratory system/face of humans or animals.
  • Please use after wearing a mask according to the user's sensitivity.
  • Use in an environment where ventilation is possible.
  • When using electrolyzed water on the floor, be careful of falls due to slipping.
  • Although it is possible to sterilize and disinfect the humidifier with electrolyzed water, never use electrolyzed water for generating mist.
  • When sterilizing a place with a lot of contamination, be sure to remove the contaminants before use.
  • If rinsing is not complete after using electrolyzed water, sometimes white powder may be seen, but this powder is the remaining salt used in electrolyzed water production, so you can use it after wiping it off with a rag.
  • When using the spray, be sure to wear a mask before use.
  • Sufficiently ventilate the area where the spray is used