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Clopod electrolyzer for kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and deodorizing

The Clopod Electrolyzer Review by Korean Blogger '고든욤지' on Naver Blog 

Clopod Electrolyzer


I rely heavily on my electrolyzer in my daily life. There hasn't been a single day I haven't used it. For me, the primary use of the electrolyzer is for cleaning and disinfecting purposes. I use it most frequently in the kitchen and then for disinfecting pet supplies. The Clopod Electrolyzer boasts 7 patents and 4 utility model registrations.

Electrolyzed water refers to water that undergoes rapid electrolysis of tap water, producing water capable of disinfection and deodorization. Just from this description alone, I believe that anyone who values cleanliness would likely have an electrolyzer at home.


◆ Unboxing



It was well packaged in a box within a box. On the front, it says 'HomeGuard,' indicating that it's a HomeGuard electrolyzer, which is immediately safe for human contact. It assures worry-free disinfection and deodorization.



A clean box without any frills
Product Composition: Hypochlorous Acid Water + Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
Product Specifications: Feature + Main body 280*105
Weight: 478g
Capacity: Feature 1,000ml / Spray Bottle 300ml
Material: ABS+PP


disinfection and deodorization 

On the side of the box, it indicates where and how it can be used. Given its versatile range of applications, having one at home is indispensable.


disinfection and deodorizationdisinfection and deodorization

It's neatly designed. Because it's well-packaged, it even looks good as a housewarming gift. If someone were to give an electrolyzer as a housewarming present, I'd consider them quite thoughtful.


housewarming gift

 The contents are generous.

[Main Unit, Feature, Spray Bottle, Adapter, Salt, Spoon, Dissolving Stick, Usage Instructions, Recipe Book]


deodorizer for pets deodorizer for pets

This is the main unit. The Clopod electrolyzer stands out due to its unique features. It is equipped with Metallass dual electrodes manufactured using proprietary patented electrode production technology.

The sodium hypochlorite generated through electrolysis has not only been recognized for its disinfection properties but has also been appreciated as a deodorizer for pets. As a dog owner, I naturally have a keen interest in this.


specialized salt for the electrolyzed water

This is specialized salt as an ingredient for the electrolyzed water.

various plugs

It's great that there are various plugs. Of course, I'll only use the C type outlet, though.


The plug attachment

The plug attachment method is simple. Just slide it in and twist.


disinfection and deodorization disinfection and deodorization

The cord can also be connected to the main unit.


water bottle.

Before use, read the cautionary notes written on the outer surface. There's a note cautioning not to let water enter the bottom contact terminal of the water bottle.


Clopod Electrolyzer Usage Instructions


tap water tap water

First, fill the water bottle with tap water, not filtered water, up to 1L


electrolyzed water

Add salt. One of the great features of the Clopod Electrolyzer is that it can produce various types of electrolyzed water depending on the type of additive used. 


Instead of a full spoon, which holds 2g, you can shave it down and use half a spoon when adding to 1L.


After adding, stir it with the long stick provided in the package.


electrolyzed water

electrolyzed water

After plugging in the power and gently touching the power button, within 3 seconds, a buzzing sound accompanies a blue light, indicating that the electrolyzed water is being produced. The design is sleek without any unnecessary details. It looks great on the kitchen counter and also complements a desk well.



I also captured the operation of the electrolyzer on video.



 This small electrolyzer is working hard. It produces disinfectant and deodorizing water in under 5 minutes




After it's all done, let's transfer it into a spray bottle for use.


Clopod Electrolyzer Usage


I first sprayed it on the bedding. The spray particles disperse finely, giving the sensation that they penetrate everywhere.


sofa deodorizing

Next is the sofa. Since it's a frequently trafficked area by people, deodorizing the sofa is essential.


dog urinated

The area most in need of deodorizing would likely be where the dog urinated. The Clopod Electrolyzer has also received excellent results in deodorizing tests.

 eliminating the odorremoving bathroom odors

The electrolyzer is convenient for cleaning, and personally, I found it especially effective for removing bathroom odors. It even disinfects. Particularly on rainy days in a house with tiles and a dog, where a musty smell can arise, spraying the electrolyzer has been helpful in eliminating the odor.

One tip I have is that when cleaning the bathroom, it's better to pour directly from the feature rather than using the spray.


 cleaning the dining table

It's also great for cleaning the dining table after meals. That's why I always keep the electrolyzer on the table.

Moreover, there are so many other uses for it. From sanitizing phones and dentures to disinfecting baby items and foot mats, the list goes on and on—it's almost too numerous to list.


 must have item

It's inside the washing machine. Let's spray it in there too.

In real life, when you purchase a separate disinfectant and use it up, there's always the recurring cost of buying it again. But by making and using it like this, you feel the benefits of frequent use.

From an economic standpoint, it offers great value for the price. Plus, there's a sense of thriftiness in the process. If you enjoy cleaning as a hobby or just appreciate a tidy environment, one could say that having an electrolyzer in the house is a must-have item.


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