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Revolutionizing the Ecowell's Website: Seamless Customization, Instant Communication, and Multilingual Support

Ecowell's website revolutionizes with customizable orders, instant communication, and multilingual support, expanding its reach to global customers.

Ecowell's website has undergone a major transformation. The new website not only serves as a platform for introducing the company and its products but also enables customers to actively customize their orders and facilitates immediate communication. It has been upgraded to function as an online shop.

Unlike traditional online shops where customers pay directly on the website, upon placing an order, an initial invoice is automatically generated and sent. After thorough review and any necessary modifications based on the initial invoice, a final invoice is issued and sent. Once payment is completed on the final invoice, the order is considered complete. This system maximizes convenience and meets the needs of corporate and business customers.

ecowell multi language
In addition to the existing support for Korean, English, and Chinese languages, the website now offers support for Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic languages, catering to a wider range of customers from different countries.

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